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Porcelaindress Graphics
bleededmiko's icons
9th-Dec-2007 03:52 pm - CLOSED 4 eva
Sry this community is closed 4ever!!

Affilates, you may delete me if you want!
27th-Nov-2007 05:12 pm - WTF?! 3 Tutorials?!
Hell yeah. I must be bored coz I made 3 Tutorials!! I hope they'll help you, I tried to use textures this time.
All made in PS7.


Selective Colors & Saturation layers, non-translateableCollapse )


Selective Colors & Saturation layers, non-translateableCollapse )


Hell ya translateable!Collapse )
Hell ya I'm back. It's just a small batch but I hope you like em. They're really bright and blue o.o"

10 Charming Junkie
05 Shinshi Doumei Cross
05 Fullmoon wo sagashite
FO banners
01 Charming Junkie
01 Naruto
02 Naruto

She's mine!!Collapse )

And please join charming_junkie a new community! We need members!
23rd-Nov-2007 03:13 pm - Colored (Adored) Konan
Nyuhuhu this is my second colored manga page... It's Konan!
She's so damn beautiful and acts really... cool <3

13th-Nov-2007 11:34 pm - 44 icons + 12 old icons
Oh... Yeah. I'm not posting a tut again... Because nobody comment (are they so bad?) so I tried an icon post. I really like the new episode 33, because Ino will be shown in 44 (I hope). Hinata looks so hot *_* Anyways, I found some old icons (or icons which I made while I was bored). They are so... *koff*
Hope you like the batch. ^^"

03 Gakuen Alice
01 One Piece
05 Vampire Knight
35 Naruto (all ep. 33)
02 Fruits Basket
05 Koucha Ouji
05 Rockin' Heaven

Hinata, shut up and come with meCollapse )
I love write tutorials xD Must somehow, they're very similar, that's why I've written a tut with selective colors. Only for Photoshop users, that have selective colors. Sorry to the other =/

It's made in Photoshop 7.0, as usual.


I found my way through selective colorsCollapse )
28th-Oct-2007 06:04 pm - Colored Mangapage "Honda Kyouko"

This is my first colored mangapage! Please comment!

Please join naruto_jump and sasuxino
27th-Oct-2007 10:40 pm - Tutorial No. 04
Teba. Here's the 3rd tut, made in PS 7.0. I'm sure it's translateable.


Bright Coloring makes me happyCollapse )

Anyways, can give me links of good moodthemes of Naruto, One Piece or Bleach?

Artist: bleededmiko
Pairing/Character: Uchiha Sasuke & Yamanaka Ino
Last updated: 18 November 2007
Number of icons completed total: 25/100
Credits: Resources here

This love will never existCollapse )
17th-Oct-2007 07:10 pm - 32 Icons
I can't believe! Two updates in a week xD Yeah. I really like this batch, because it contains Naruto and One Piece icons ^^ So enjoy! <3

05 Blood +
05 Maria-sama ga Miteru
10 Naruto
10 One Piece
02 Hitsuji no Namida

Come on girl! He's not the only oneCollapse )
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